One Moonlit Tryst by Amanda Mariel

Now Tabitha must choose between her reputation and her desire to remain unattached.

One moonlit tryst

Lady Tabitha Pemberton wants nothing more than to enjoy her first season without becoming attached, but when Lady X writes of a forbidden tryst between Tabitha and Colin Brooks, the earl of Harcourt, everything changes. Now Tabitha must choose between her reputation and her desire to remain unattached.

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Romance, Historical Romance, Lords and Ladies, Victorian

Word Count: 20000

Sales info:

One Moonlit Tryst is currently on preorder and was originally released as part of the best selling limited edition boxset: It Started With a Whisper.

Sample text:

He brought his lips down on hers, and to his surprise, she yielded for an instant before pushing him away. 

“What the devil do you think you're doing?” she said through clenched teeth.

He grinned, amusement overriding his passion. “Do not tell me that you’ve never been kissed.”

Her cheeks stained with color, betraying her innocence. “Again, that is none of your business and I’d bid you never to do that again.”

“What? Ask a personal question? Or this?” He brought his lips back to hers, pulling her against him. Heat ignited within him as she opened, allowing him to taste her succulent mouth. Kissing her was proving far more enjoyable than he’d believed it would. 

He skimmed one hand down her back toward her rear, then gave a gentle squeeze.

Lady Tabitha released a yelp and pushed out of his embrace before racing down the corridor back to the ballroom.

Colin remained where he stood until she was well and truly out of reach. He needed the distance as much as she did, for the woman had sparked a fierce longing in him. One that begged to be satisfied. Perhaps he should find Reginald then depart for one of his clubs—or better yet, a house of ill repute where his desire could be satiated. 

With his mind made up, Colin went in search of Reginald. It did not surprise him that his friend failed to be in the ballroom, or the card room for that matter. He’d no doubt snuck off to some secluded spot with a warm and willing lady. Lucky devil! Well, he’d not ruin Reginald's good fortune merely to keep him apprised of his intention to leave.

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