One Enchanting Kiss by Amanda Mariel

To most, she is Moire Noble, the average daughter of a unimpressive Scottish family that settled in London, but the truth is far more intriguing.

One enchanting kiss

To most, she is Moire Noble, the average daughter of a unimpressive Scottish family that settled in London. But the truth is far more intriguing. Born with the ability to see premonitions, Moire must work hard to guard her secret or risk suffering the fate of her mother…accused of witch craft and burned.

For years her secret has gone undiscovered, but now that her twin Lili is engaged to be wed everything will change. Moire is forced from the comfort of her home and family, cast into the world around her, and exposed to new people. She has little choice but to act when she has a vision showing the death of a male guest at Lili’s engagement party.

Handsome-as-sin Thomas Astley is more than a little intrigued by the vibrant, saucy woman who saved his life. He knows she is more than she seems, and vows to discover all of Moire’s secrets. A move that unbeknownst to him threatens her future and all she holds dear…including her heart.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: Tudor, Historical Romance, Medieval, Romance, Saga

Word Count: 18000

Sales info:

I am a USA Today bestselling author and am blessed with high book sales. One Enchanting Kiss had a strong preorder and sales have continued on release day. I expect that they will hold steady.

Sample text:

Moire's stomach clenched as she turned toward the intruder. Thus far she’d been able to avoid most of the guests by sequestering herself away on a bench shielded by a large tree. She’d hoped her hiding place would remain a secret, but alas, it was not to be. She drew in a breath and straightened her spine. “If ye would be so kind…,” her words faded as her gaze collided with his. A vision of him slammed into her. 

The sky turned dark, wind whipping around her. Party guests scattered, seeking shelter as the first crack of lightning split the sky. Moire ran toward the house. Then a loud pop and snap filled the air. She paused and looked back just in time to see a branch fall and crush the strange man who’d just appeared before her.

“Miss, are you alright?”

Moire nodded, not wanting to give anything away. She tipped her chin, studying the sky. Dark clouds were indeed gathering on the horizon. Her pulse quickened as she looked back at the green-eyed stranger with his dark hair and wide shoulders. She had to save him, but how? She couldn’t very well warn him—not without giving away her secret and thereby putting herself and her family in danger. Nor could she insist everyone go inside.

“Miss?” he said again, his expression wary. “Is there something I can help you with?”

Moire swallowed past the lump rising in her throat. “Nae. Pay no mind tae me.”

“Are you certain? Something seems to be bothering you and I may be able to help if you allow me to.”

She smiled at the irony of him offering her help when it was his life in danger. “I’m perfectly fine. Ye took me by surprise is all.”

He stepped closer and held out his hand. “Thomas Astley, friend of Mr. North.”

“Pleased tae meet ye, Mr. Astley.”

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