No time by Albireo Svyatoslav

Adventures of Amiy Luterna

sci-fi story about nature of dream

No time

What if you do not have time for anything? And also, what if all the time management fails? Will it require one to do less or choose an easier life? Or ... or go out into Timelessness? The Firokami Cosmo-psychologist did it. Read, how he did it, and maybe you can do it too. Success is much more likely to come if someone is waiting for you there.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: hard sci-fi, quantum psychology, Firokami, far future, friendship

Word Count: 12046

Sample text:

That dream again. Of course, you expect that it’s a secret or a nightmare about an old injury. No. I'm a boring person with a boring life. With no skeletons in the closet. And with no closet. Of course, so boring as a cosmopsychologist could be. I work in the Research Institute of Firokami, I live in a scientific town. You've probably heard of them. For you, I live in the distant future, in a diamond super-technological City-state that is far ahead of the world in development in all areas. How do we protect ourselves from attacks? Oh, after that war of independence, no one wants to mess with us anymore. So, I won't tell you the name of the town, it's really scientific. Call it Town, everyone calls it so, and you do. You can call me Amiy, I Amiy Luterna. Cosmopsychology deals with the causes of the behavior of the universe; my colleagues and I are looking for answers to the questions "Why?" and "What for?". So, I have “this dream again”. What is it about? Well, nothing really, I live almost the same life in there. With very small differences. And the problem here is that when I wake up, I don't really know where the dream is and where the reality is.

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