Naked Research by Dee Dawning

Rebecca Roth, an author of erotic romance novels, writes from experience. Except her latest book is about something she has never experienced--a ménage a trois

Naked research

Rebecca Roth, who authors erotic romance novels, writes from experience. Only her latest book is about something she has never experienced—a ménage à trois.

Seeking to expand her horizons, she visits a popular cocktail lounge and meets Kevin MacCloud, a man’s man and a woman’s Lothario. Sparks fly between them. She wants him desperately and the feeling is mutual, but she needs a second lover. Fortunately, Vince, his roommate with movie-star looks is at home and willing to please.

Naked Research is a sexy, fun read that will have you laughing, crying and ultimately sorry to see it end.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English


Word Count: 25000

Sales info:

Good Seller, even w/o much promotion

Sample text:

She studied him over the rim of her glass as she sipped her overpriced vodka martini. Five-eleven, dark brown hair, eye color unknown, dark gray blazer with open collar, black slacks and shiny black shoes. They have to have shiny shoes. She snickered. Unless they're cowboys.

He stalked toward her with determination, each step straight in front of the last, like an arrow shot from a bow. She smiled. Another good sign. He carried a bottle of beer. Bad sign. She cocked her head. Unless he's a cowboy. She snickered. Ah, but it's imported. Heineken, if I'm not mistaken—a good sign.

Sitting in a secluded semicircular booth in chrome-and-mirror dominated Trends, the hottest new lounge in Manhattan, she set her martini down and watched him advance. As he drew close, she leaned forward and willed a friendly smile on her better than average face. Blue—his eyes are blue—a beautiful Columbia blue. He'll do very nicely.

Are you sure? It's not too late to call this crazy gambit off.

He's almost here. Don't worry. The first time is always the hardest.

As the blue eyed dreamboat edged up to the table, she held a welcoming hand out. "Hi, I'm Dede Wilson. Did you come to keep little ol' me company?"

She'd preempted his line, so he seemed clueless as to how to respond. Appearing to gather his thoughts, he looked left, then right, as if to verify she'd addressed him and no one else.

He took her hand, but instead of shaking it, he made a magnificent gesture when he bent down and kissed it. A kiss she felt in her toes. A very good sign.

When he released her hand, he smiled. "Kevin MacCloud." He hitched his strong cleft chin in the direction of the empty cushion next to her. "May I?"

She slid to her right enough for him to sit, making sure to flash her long, stocking-clad legs


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