My Monster Sight Words – Level 2 Book 6: Counting Numbers by Kaz Campbell

Learn To Read SIGHT WORDS Level 2 Book 6 for Beginner Readers.

My monster sight words – level 2 book 6: counting numbers

Book 6 focus on numbers to 20 and counting. It combines the sight words covered in My Monster Level 1 - Books 1, 2 and 3 into short phrases and simple sentences. Each page is supported by a picture to make reading easier for children. Important concepts such as the value of numbers and breaking a number into 10 and #, are covered in Book 6. Work through this series of books and you will be able to teach your child to read and give them a massive head start. 

There are 6 Sight Word books in this Learn To Read Program. In Level 1 (single words and pictures) there are three books and Level 2 (combines the sight words into simple sentences) also has three books. The books in the Learn to Read series are all numbered, so start at Book 1 and continue working through them. 

Level 3 books move onto the Sounds Of The Alphabet, Phonics and Word Families. Level 4 books are a little more advanced and suitable for children who have some very basic reading skills. If they have progressed through the first nine books of the My Monster series...then they will be prepared for Level 4 Early Readers. Level 5 books are short chapter books that will keep your child entertained with funny stories about cute little friendly monsters. You can also read these books to children aged from about 4 onwards. 

The My Monster Learns To Read series is the perfect way to teach your child to read. This book also has a number of parent tips for the teaching of reading to help you and your child.

About the Author

Karen Campbell and Katrina Kahler are award winning teachers (National Inspirational Teaching Award) who have taught children aged from 5 to 13 over the past 20 years.They have written a series of easy to read books on Parenting Skills. Topics include Confident Kids, How to Improve Your Child's Behavior Today, Communicating with Kids, How to Win Friends and Influence People for Kids, Smart Baby, Achieving Success at School and The Puberty Bomb.

Both Karen and Katrina have taught for many years and they each have two teenage children, so they know how kids tick. Both ladies are Parenting experts and have developed a website called How To Help Children. 

Bill Campbell loves to tell a story and he loves to joke with kids. His friends call him Billy and he has two really "almost cool" kids and a very cool wife. All of Bill's stories come from real life events. Yes, that's right...all of Madonna's experiences have happened in real life. 

Bill is an "almost cool teacher" in Australia and he has been teaching tweens for many years. He hopes you get a laugh out of his  'Diary of an Almost Cool Girl' and 'Almost Cool Boy' books.

They are the perfect books for girls 9 -12 and boys love them too. One of the most humorous and funny books for kids on Amazon.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / School & Education

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Beginner

Language: English

Keywords: sight words, beginner reader, counting, first grade, learn to read, beginning reading, kindergarten preschool, kindergarten preschool first grade sightwords Level 1, kindergarten, preschool, sightwords Level 1

Word Count: 484

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This is a new Learn to Series we have put onto Amazon in the last week and we are still loading some of the books in the series. We have not done any promotions yet. We have a number of Early Reading books that sell well under the name of Katrina Kahler.

Sample text:

Numbers 1 to 10

one black and yellow bee

two  brown ants

three pink snails

four red and black beetles

five  pink butterflies

six spiders

seven green fat caterpillars

eight blue dragonflies

nine green grasshoppers

ten yellow birds

Practice Counting
Numbers 11 to 20

11  eleven ants

11 eleven fish

12 twelve owls

12 twelve spoons

13 thirteen pencils

13 thirteen cats

14 fourteen chicks

14 fourteen trees

15 fifteen boys

15 fifteen fruits

16 sixteen hearts

16 sixteen people

17 seventeen boots

17 seventeen people

18 eighteen colors

18 eighteen trees

19 nineteen girls

19 nineteen pencils

20 twenty faces

20 twenty bows

How many are there?
Practice these words first:






How many flowers?

There are 4 flowers.

four flowers

How many hats?

There are 6 hats.

six hats

How many chickens?

There is 1 chicken.

one chicken

How many balls?

There are 9 balls.

nine balls

How many rabbits?

There are 2 rabbits.

two rabbits

How many butterflies?

There are 10 butterflies.

ten butterflies

How many bugs?

There are 7 bugs.

seven bugs

How many pigs?

There are 3 pigs.

three pigs

How many bees?

There are eight bees.

eight bees

How many cars?

There are 5 cars.

five cars

How many farm animals?

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