My Monster 4 Learn to Read Books NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR TRANSLATION by Kaz Campbell

My Monster 4 Early Readers includes easy to read stories for beginner readers aged from 2 to 5.

My monster 4 learn to read books no longer available for translation

Follow the monsters' adventures on the first day at Kindy; at the park; Trick or Treating and also read about the monster birthday party. All stories have pictures to help your child's comprehension and enjoyment of reading. 
There are 2 Bonus Sections: monster jokes, knock knocks and tongue twisters as well as section explaining How To Read with a Young Child. 

Kaz Campbell is a highly experienced early childhood teacher. These stories are designed to help your child learn to read. Repeated text, simple sentences and predictive text feature in all the stories. 

The popular my monster characters and their pictures are featured in all 4 stories.

About The Author:

Kaz Campbell loves writing stories for children. Her husband, Bill Campbell wrote Diary of an Almost Cool Girl, an instant Best Seller. Mr TDH (Tall, Dark and Handsome) is one of the characters in his book. Kaz felt that he needed a voice too, how did he feel about Maddi, what was happening in his life....and so, Diary of Mr TDH was born. 

She has also written a series of books for children aged between 4 and 8 called My Monster. Book 1, Boris to the Rescue introduces the wonderful characters and Book 2 brings Felix the Naughty Monster into the story. Read the reviews on these books, both children and parents LOVE them!

Kaz has also co-written a series of Parenting Books with Katrina Kahler. Topics include Confident Kids, How to Improve Your Child's Behavior Today, Communicating with Kids, How to Win Friends and Influence People for Kids, Smart Baby, Achieving Success at School and The Puberty Bomb. She taught for many years and has two teenage children, so she knows how kids tick. Both ladies are Parenting experts and have developed a website called How To Help Children. 

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Monsters

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Beginner

Language: English

Keywords: my monster, early readers, preschool, beginning readers kindergarten, learn to read, beginner readers, level 1

Word Count: 2580

Sales info:

This book has just been uploaded to Amazon. It is part of the very popular, My Monster Learns to Read series.

Sample text:

“Felix, wake up, wake up!” called Mom.

“Today is your first day at Kindy.”

Felix jumped out of bed.

He was so happy.

He had a bath.

He cleaned his teeth.

He brushed his hair.

He ate his breakfast.

And he packed his bag.

Mom put him on the bus.

“Good bye Felix, have fun!” said Mom.

“Goodbye Mom,” said Felix.

On the bus, Felix met some new friends.

He met a monster called Mike.

He met a monster called Matt.

He met a girl called Ally.

And he met a boy called Tom.

Tom was excited to meet Felix.

They were all so happy.

They got off the bus and ran into Kindy.

Miss Moss is the teacher.

She is very nice.

“There are lots of things to do at Kindy,” said Miss Moss.

You can play in the sandpit.

You can play with blocks.

You can play in the playground.

You can play on the seesaw.

You can play with toys.

You can play dress ups.

You can make a rocket.

You can ride a scooter.

You can read a book.

You can do so many fun things.

Just make sure you are good

and be very nice.

At lunchtime we stopped playing.

And ate up all our food.

Then Miss Moss read us a story about dragons.

It was fun!

And we had a little sleep.

But, my friend, Mike started snoring.

My friend, Matt started singing.

My friend, Tom started laughing.

And my friend, Ally started crying.

Then Miss Moss said, “Ssshhh!”

And all the children fell asleep.

After a while, Miss Moss said it was time to get up.

We put away the toys.

We tidied up the playground.


Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Aniss Chahmat
Author review:
Aniss did a wonderful job translating our book. Highly recommended.
Already translated. Translated by Beatrice Pires-Stadler
Author review:
A fantastic translation by Beatrice. Some of the story was not appropriate for the German language and this sections were changed by Beatrice.
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Author review:
Simona Trapani was brilliiant as always. Thank you for another excellent translation.
Already translated. Translated by Sandra Schofield
Author review:
Sandra Schofield is a great translator, easy to work with and quick.
Already translated. Translated by César Medina
Author review:
Cesar is an excellent translator, very happy with this translation. Thank you.

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