My Brother is an Outcast - Book 3 - Illusion: Book for Kids 12+: Truth, Courage and Justice by Katrina Kahler

The exciting conclusion to Zoe and Logan's story.

My brother is an outcast - book 3 - illusion: book for kids 12+: truth, courage and justice

The exciting conclusion to Zoe and Logan's story. I'm not going to include any spoilers in this description...I'll just say that it is amazing how people under immense pressure and in life-threatening situations often rise to their best.

Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Political

Language: English

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Word Count: 23741

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Sample text:

“Heee…ch, cheee…kk…llo,” I coughed as I fought my way back to my feet. I retched and swirled my tongue, trying to get some saliva to come. I was dizzy, and it felt like there was a magnet in my head trying to pull me back to the ground. I pushed on my head with both hands to try and get the pressure under control.  I was in a small clearing. I didn’t know exactly which direction I had come from. I tried to remember the fall, which way were the bee drones holding me? I couldn’t remember for an instant, but then it came rushing back to me. They had pulled my feet off the ground first and dragged me up into the air. I remembered facing the sky as I rose toward a large grey cloud. I could see the cloud so vividly, and the green light, the blinking green light on the lead drone. I turned and looked at the woods behind me. If I remembered everything correctly that was the way back to the village. It seemed just as promising as any other direction based on sight, but the memory of last night was now so vivid. I took the first step, and the next ones followed. The village was destroyed. The huts were torn apart. I could see a bit of movement in amongst the rubble. I ran into the pile of debris that used to be a village. The huts were in pieces all over the ground. Nothing had been taken. The rubble moved to the left of me, I froze. “Hello!” “Hello Logan,” it was Odei the village chief. He had lost that regal air I had first noticed. His shoulders were sunken, and he couldn’t look me in the eyes as I walked over to him. “Are you okay?” I asked as he shrunk back from me. “Is he with you?” I didn’t need to ask Odei whom he was talking about. I had watched the drones carry Edu off. I tried to find the words, but instead I just let my head drop. 


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Already translated. Translated by Sonia Alexandra Costa
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Sonia completed another fabulous translation. We can highly recommend her as a translator.

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