Murder on Display (Greek Island Mystery #4) by Luke Christodoulou


Murder on display (greek island mystery #4)


The sun rises on the picturesque island of Folegandros, revealing a young girl's headless, mutilated body impaled on an antenna pole for all to see.
Lieutenant IOLI CARA is sent to assist with the seemingly open-and-shut case. But, there is more than meets the eye...
A mysterious lover, an angry brother, an ex-boyfriend, a special needs classmate... all minute pieces of a greater puzzle.
'Open and shut case, my fat, pregnant ass,' curses Ioli, wishing she had her former partner Captain PAPACOSTA by her side.
But, cancer-ridden Costa is miles away; aboard one of Greece's finest cruise ships. He, also finds himself with a mystery of his own in his hands. A missing girl and a large pool of blood in the cabin next door, cut his relaxing holiday short.
Join the investigating duo on a journey of suspense, mystery and murder across the turquoise Aegean sea.
Grab your copy of this new, highly-anticipated, wildly-acclaimed Greek Island Mystery and dive into this riveting whodunit today!

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English

Keywords: Greece, mystery, crime, murder

Word Count: 56000

Sales info:

It is the 4th entry in my highly succesful Greek Island Mysteries book series which has sold over 20000 copies.

Sample text:

Chapter 1

Midnight arrived on the exotic island of Folegandros, a small island shaped like a tilting eight; falling into the clear, pure waters of the Aegean. Away from the town center and the tanned-from-the-Greek-sun tourists, lay silent, dark neighborhoods. The locals had long gone to sleep.

A blue, wooden door stood slightly ajar and warm light from inside crept out into the darkness and the cool, summer breeze that roamed through the snakelike roads of Chora. Whispering words of love and the exchange of passionate kisses broke the silence.

‘Shh, I’ve got to go. My mother has been calling me for the last hour. You know how she can get. If I don’t get home soon, she will send out a search party,’ eighteen-year old Natalie said softly, her auburn hair gently caressing her bare shoulders.

‘Stay, my love. How many opportunities do you think we are going to get? My wife will be back on Thursday,’ her older lover complained, holding on to her hand.

‘I can’t,’ she replied, failing at hiding her annoyance. Nothing irritated her more than a man that begged. She pulled her slender hand out of his strong hold.

‘Good night,’ she said and forced a smile. He was a good lover after all.

She dashed down the paved street, along picturesque, classic Cyclades homes. All were painted blue and white, some out of choice, some forced by the local council in the name of beauty and attracting tourists. Dim light fought to escape its glass lamp post prison and reach the rock-laid road. Natalie called her mother, apologizing for not answering her cell phone and in her tender, sweet voice –the fake voice that she used often- informed her mother that she was on her way home. She looked down on her phone’s screen as she ended the call, unaware of the shadowy figure approaching from outside her periphery.

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Already translated. Translated by Konstantinos Mouratis
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
Already translated. Translated by Alessandra Beu
Already translated. Translated by Jesus M. Gonzalez

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