Moon by Pet TorreS

teen romance




Apparently, the pact of witches did not work.

Luanne regrets having participated in this failed ritual.

But Sollene returns to the scene where the pact has been done and she affronts the spirit of the forest. After this she receives a message which can change their lives forever.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Legends, Myths, Fables / General

Language: English

Keywords: witch, teen romance, fantasy, paranormal romance, book for girls, teen books, fantasy books, short story

Word Count: 9.166

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Sample text:

Seven days after the pact of witches…



“Sollene, I should sue you for damages,” I mumbled sitting on my bed. Even without looking at her, I could perceive she did not like my insinuation. But her disapproval at me did not stop me from continuing to talk. "See! Nothing has changed in our lives after this idiot pact."

"IDIOT PACT?" Sollene finally said, leaving her computer and rising from her chair.

Estella looked at us both and said nothing. As always Estella was the person who spoke the least in our group.

"Be careful how you refer to our pact," Sollene contested and stared at the wall. Her face expressed all her indignation at my irritable comment.

I got up and crossed my arms over my chest, which was inside a pink shirt. “Idiot pact, yes!"

I opened my arms and looked at the humble walls around us.

"You told us this shitty pact would change our lives! And I am seeing that we three are still in the shit!"

"Maybe this shitty pact did not work because of you!" Sollene stared at me again. "Maybe you don't deserve to have your life changed."

I took several steps forward and stopped in front of Sollene. "Do not put the blame on me now. If this, your magnificent plan, did not work, it is not my fault!"

Estella rose from her bed, walked over to us, and grabbed my arm and also Sollene's arm. "Calm down folks. If this pact did not work it must have been because we have not done it right or ..."

"Or?" I asked with derision and Estella gave me a cold and serious stare.

"Maybe Sollene is right," Estella insisted. "This pact must not have worked because of you, Luanne."



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