Monster Whisperer by JB Trepagnier

My Greeky mythology classes never prepared me for getting kidnapped by Hades to tend to his monsters

Monster whisperer

My clients at my vet clinic have always called me an animal whisperer. I’ve never questioned it. Until I started hearing monsters too.

A man came in right at closing with a sick dog. The dog told me why he was sick and I was able to treat him. I had no idea his owner would kidnap me. I had no idea his owner had an entire dungeon of monsters he wanted me to treat. I’ve met a minotaur, a mysterious kraken, a phoenix, and this really massive spider.

I can hear them too. If monsters are real and I can talk to them, then what am I?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Witches

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Language: English

Keywords: reverse harem paranormal, reverse harem gods, reverse harem greek, reverse harem demons, reverse harem monsters

Word Count: 43416

Sales info:

This is my top selling series of all time and has over 60K downloads. It came out 2 years ago, but monster romances are hot right now and it continues to do well

Sample text:

“Sorry, River. This is your new home.”

Plouton flung the door open, and I nearly shit myself when Cerberus came bounding in and jumped on me. I mean, I was glad he was feeling better, but he now had two extra heads. I collapsed in the nearest chair, and I was pretty sure whatever had knocked me out had me seeing things.

“Do you see now why it was so important that you save this dog? Cerberus is one of a kind, and he’s always been with me. I told you my name was Plouton but that’s just a name humans have called me. I didn’t want to tell you I was Hades, and my dog was the Cerberus because I needed your help.”

“Cerberus doesn’t have his own vets?”

“Yes, and I had to kill them because he kept getting sicker. They knew he was dehydrated, and they would give him fluids, but then he would just get sick again. They were worthless.”

Sure, he could just as well kill me too, and he was crazy enough to think he was Hades, but his ego was totally out of control.

“You know you were the one making your dog sick, right? You were the one putting salt and pepper in his food.”

“And I already apologized to Cerberus! But you knew to ask about his diet, and I suspect I know why. You asked him, didn’t you? You can hear your patients.”

I clammed up. No one needed to know that, especially this crazy guy, while I was in the middle of hallucinating a three-headed dog.

“I’ll make you a deal. If you’ll stay for a little while and keep a few of my beasts alive, I’ll tell you exactly why you can hear them.”

“Like you know.”

“My dear, I’m Hades, and I brought you to Tartarus. Cerberus is in your lap and quite grateful you saved his life. I’m a fucking God, River.”

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