Misty and Faker by Mystery Elf

Misty and Faker are two ordinary people except for the part where they are only one foot tall.

Misty and faker

Misty and Faker are two ordinary people except for the part where they are only one foot tall. Misty embraces her size by dressing up like an elf all the time while faker prefers to dress like a normal guy. Don't forget that they love to cook together, making food for the polar bears to eat. One day they were just exploring and they ran into a big brick house (or more like the size of a mansion). They decide to go inside, but end up getting trapped. They find their way out, but must find a way to help the two people that trapped them. If they are able to help them it will change their lives forever. Will they do it? Will they be able to help or make it worse?

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Language: English

Keywords: Mystery, elf, children, youth, fiction

Word Count: 5700

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This has been a good seller.

Sample text:

Misty had red hair with a green dress, and is only one foot tall. She's what you have always pictured as the perfect elf except the pointed shoes and ears. Her real name is Mystery but she didn't like to be called that because, in her opinion, she was more of a mist, always refreshing and beautiful at times, where a mystery is harsh and almost impossible to figure out if they are a person.

Misty also thinks that Misty is just a cool and shortened name for Mystery. She did get the name, though, from her friends. They said they called her that because she always goes into houses and trashes them, waits until she sees their reaction, and goes back to clean it up. They always asked her why she did this but she always replied saying it's a theory she developed, but can't explain to anybody until she does further research.

Misty lives in the North Pole and loves to go outside and play with polar bears (she spent a portion of her life training them and does not just go to play with these furry, white, and dangerous creatures) and also plays with her best friend Faker. Faker is a guy that Misty has been friends with for a long time, they are always cooking together or just messing around. As weird as it sounds they do love to cook together, all the time actually. If you see them not together cooking one day you know something is wrong.

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