Minimalism: Step-By-Step Guide to Meaningful Life with Living a Simpler by Madeleine Jimenez

(55) Step-By-Step Guide to Meaningful Life with Living a Simpler

Minimalism: step-by-step guide to  meaningful life with  living a simpler


The minimalist movement has really been pushing the idea that there's something to their ideal of getting rid of clutter and believe me, I was every bit as skeptical as you are when I first read up on it. However, after over  years of working with people to help them to improve their lives by decluttering, I can see categorically that the lack of clutter actually makes life more enjoyable and opens up all kinds of opportunities.

The modern world is by all intents and purposes a hectic, busy, and fast-paced one. Various industries and forces are at play, which inevitably affect one’s life for better or worse. In this book, I am not going to add to the pressures of the way things are by strictly prescribing you a method on how to live your life; instead, you can look at this piece of literature as a series of suggestions divided into chapters that simply provide an alternative to what you yourself currently ascribe to.

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I have already used the expressed “Less is more” and it’s a very true representation of what minimalism is all about. You give yourself more scope to explore and enjoy life when you adapt a minimalistic lifestyle and introduce it into your home. Imagine a room filled so full with furniture that you can’t move anything. You have to walk in a set direction because that’s all the furniture layout will allow you. No one would choose to live in this way, but when you equate that to modern day living, it isn’t actually very much different. The TV has a prime spot. The sofas have to be where they are because there is clutter elsewhere and you can’t move that because you don’t have anywhere to put it. Kitchen worktops become unworkable because little by little, we fill up what should be useful space with things that seemed to be a good idea at the time. The mixer that you no longer use, the blender that someone bought you for Christmas, the telephone, the telephone books and all of the trimmings of today’s living get in the way of actually living. Minimalism takes confusion out of the picture and gives you choice.

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