Minimalism: How to Live a Happy, Simple Home Life by Dennis Williams

(58) How to Live a Happy, Simple Home Life

Minimalism:  how to live a happy, simple home life


Are you tired of being a slave to consumerism? We have all been exposed to advertisements that try to brainwash us into thinking that more is better than less. Problem is that with more stuff there is also more stress. It’s really up to you to make the choice. If you are wondering how to make the transition and simply your life, then this book sets it all out in a very clear way.

This minimalism guide is a down and dirty process you can use to make thoughtful decisions about how to prioritize and how you live your life. This book walks you through tips, tricks, habits, and strategies you can implement to consistently make realistic and sustainable changeovers so that you can prioritize your passions and retake your freedom. If you are ready to learn how you can live more with less and have a more significant impact on your life and the world around you, then this book is the ideal read for you. 

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Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Language: English

Keywords: meditation, meditation for beginners, meditation and mindfullness, buddhism, zen, meditation exercises

Word Count: 3975

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Sample text:

Minimalism is not a lack or shortage - it simple means living and functioning with what you actually need - being able to live and function with what is essential and truly necessary. As opposed to living extravagantly and in excess, you are a minimalist in that you do not require so much to get things done, to function, or to interact and socialize with others.

To many, a minimalist lifestyle is either unimaginable or, perhaps doable, but would require much of a struggle. This is because many perceive minimalism as living meagerly or not being able to enjoy what life has to offer or what money can actually buy. The truth is, though, that minimalism still allows you all that you will ever need - delicious food, convenient appliances, handy gadgets, and even those luxurious travels that you have been planning to go to for a long time.

The only difference is that when you eat that delicious food, you only have what you need. You never cook nor buy more than what you can finish. When you purchase your appliances and gadgets, you only buy those that meet your basic needs, both in function and in quantity. This means you do not buy two or more mobile phones when you really just need one.

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