Minimalism: Declutter your Life Ultimate Productivity Guide and Happiness by Brian Fields

(50) Declutter your Life Ultimate Productivity Guide and Happiness

Minimalism: declutter your life ultimate productivity guide and happiness


The Minimalist Lifestyle is a process, not a state to achieve; it is about continually challenging yourself. It can be hard to remove things you don’t need from your life. It’s harder to approach your life with intentionality than it is to just let time pass. The Minimalist Lifestyle is about reviewing your own priorities, daily. In the end, it is not so that we have less; it is so that we can live more.

Excessive clutter is often a symptom and a cause of stress, and can affect every facet of your life. Tackling the clutter can seem an insurmountable task if you don’t know where or how to start. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the best ways to tackle the decluttering of your home, your work space, and your life. 

The art of minimalism is a simple beginner's guide to becoming a minimalist. Simplifying уоur lіfе helps to create оrdеr аnd hаrmоnу іn уоur work place, heart and hоmе. This book explains what minimalism is, basic minimalist principles, why you should be a minimalist, how it can benefit the planet and much more.

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Sadly, most of us have nurtured deceitful ideals about what it takes to be happy and to live a successful, meaningful life. We believe acquiring more, being the best at everything, wearing expensive clothes, earning a 6-figure income or more, dining out at lavish restaurants, and going to foreign lands for vacations is the epitome of a good and happy life. The need for more and our tendency to fall easy prey to the many media biases that govern our lives is why happiness eludes us.

Associating a good life with material prosperity is an ideology nurtured by many. Unfortunately, this is also something that keeps us from manifesting or living the life we really want or being happy while with our loved ones. The hunger for more is very harmful and brings with it the following problems:

In the process of striving for more materialistic things, many of us often ignore our health, which negatively affects our physical well-being and consequently, our emotional well-being.

If you slowly turn into a workaholic, you have no time to devote to loved ones, which can slowly strain your bond with them and cause emotional drifts between you and your dear ones.

The hunger for more often clouds your thinking abilities thus causing you to pursue things you do not really need. This keeps you from exploring your genuine desires and realizing them.

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