Minimalism: A Simple Guide to Living with Less by Stacy Rowe

(39) A Simple Guide to Living with Less

Minimalism: a simple guide to living with less


Many of us put value in the things that we own, and while this is only understandable, too much value put on things can be a dangerous thing to hold. Most of us spend our lives giving up things and letting go of opportunities just so we could work and earn to buy things and possessions. A nice house with a beautiful garden, a stylish car, the latest clothes and accessories, high-tech gadgets and electronics, or even gourmet dishes and trips around the world are just some of the things that people put value on. 

The truth is that most people aren't intentionally making things difficult, it's simply that they don't have the right tools for simplifying their life. There are easy, effective techniques anyone can use for adopting a minimalist lifestyle and reducing the extra 'baggage' of life that weighs us down. Find out how in this guide.

The usual method of home organization is to move everything from one place to another. All this does is move the clutter to somewhere else. When your home is really decluttered, so will your mind. You will find you have more freedom.

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Decide how your home can help you live a more minimalist lifestyle
Your quest for a more minimal lifestyle might point you in the direction of a smaller or simplified home. This is a big step for folks who own or rent homes, but not impossible. Again, start with a goal of what you want   be specific. Not sure what you want? Do some traveling  and look to stay in homes in the size range you're thinking about. You'll be able to visualize your future life easier if it's a size you can downsize to. Or perhaps the size and type of your home is okay but it's what's in it...


Train yourself to live with less. If you've been used to creature comforts for a long time, you might not be ready to take a minimal plunge all at once. Consider having comfort-free weekends or months, slowly eliminating comforts and luxuries (even as simple as pricey haircuts or weekly movie dates) and seeing what feels okay to lose, and what things are too valuable to your happiness to give up.

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