Mindfulness: Best Tips & Tricks in Yourself Mindfulness and Stress Free by Meido Adams

(34) Best Tips & Tricks in Yourself Mindfulness and Stress Free

Mindfulness: best tips & tricks in yourself mindfulness and stress free


If are like most people then you probably wake up thinking about all the things you have to do during the day and you go to bed reviewing everything you did do and everything you failed to do. And just like you, there are so many others out there who are too busy dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, to realize they are living in a moment.

The first fully illustrated guide to a clinically proven, holistic approach to beating stress-related problems and restoring balance and well-being.

Mindfulness is the practice of consciously connecting to unconscious flow, where you are calm, at peace and firmly present in the moment, without judgment, at the same time be, enormously and creatively productive. Mindfulness adds to a healthy lifestyle is, by helping us become aware when we are not engaged in enjoying the healthy elements of our life.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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All of the world’s major religions have some kind of meditation or mindfulness tradition in their history. The earliest written records involving meditation are from Hinduism, although many people associate mindfulness with Buddhism. The reason for this is that Buddhist meditation practices have received more attention thanks to their popularity with young people who traveled to Asia in the 1960s and brought those techniques back with them.

Hindu meditation can take many different forms, and not all of them are directly related to mindfulness. However, some are, including mantra meditation. Meditation is an important part of Hinduism.

About 2500 years ago, a young man named Siddhartha Gautama, now known as the Buddha, discovered that meditation could help him attain a high level of consciousness and awareness. This state was known as enlightenment, and a religion, Buddhism, grew up around it. There is more than one kind of Buddhist meditation, but mindfulness meditation is one of the best known and most commonly practiced.

The Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions also have a history of meditation, but those forms of meditation tend to be a little different from what most of us think of meditation today. They are very closely linked to prayer.

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