Miki's Sex Blossoms by L. L. Ryan

Miki collected nature's blossoms that resembles human sex organs.

Miki's sex blossoms

Mother Nature fell in love with her design of the female genitals.
She has used it over and over again in other species, especially for sexually flowing plants.
Some of these blossoms look almost identical to human female genitals. They look so much alike that I could not find words to describe the similarities. I therefore wrote this book which is primarily a picture book to let you see for yourself.
These flowers make up part of the collection of Miki's Sexual Blossoms. You can learn more about Miki and her collection in my book: Sex with an Older Woman.
The blossom designs illustrate how Mother Nature used the same visual designs for humans and certain erotic plants.
Please allow me to caution that some may view this book as sexually suggestive material suitable only for adults.

Genre: NATURE / Plants / Flowers

Language: English

Keywords: sex, flowers, sex organ blossoms, Miki, sex flower collection, sex organ imagination blossoms, sexy flowers, asian sex, Japanese sex, silver haired older woman, contineous sex, gym, dating, blossoms, dating an older woman, slim and trim

Word Count: 50

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Sample text:

I told you about Miki in my book Sex with an Older Woman.  Miki is the most sexual woman that I have ever known.  She is a silver haired Japanese woman that spends most of her time working exotic plants and herbs.

Her most prized possessions are her erotic sex plants.  They are too unbelievable to explain.  I therefore have to show you pictures.


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Already translated. Translated by Paulo Henrique Santos Nunes
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