Megan's School Trip by Owen Jones

A Spirit Guide, a Ghost Tiger, and One Scary Mother!

Megan goes on a school trip to prehistoric caves and senses the cavemen's lives

Megan's school trip

The Psychic Megan Series consists of twenty-four novelettes about a young girl's growing realisation that she is able to do things that none of her family can. Megan is twelve years old in the first volume. She has two seemingly insurmountable problems. Her mother is frightened of her daughter's latent abilities and not only will not help her but actively discourages her; and she can’t find a teacher to help her develop her supernatural, psychic powers. For she wants not only to know what it is possible to do and how to do it, but to what end she should put her special abilities. Megan is a good girl, so it would seem obvious that she would tend towards using her powers for good, but it is not always easy to do the right thing even if you know what that is.

These stories about Megan will appeal to anyone who has an interest in psychic powers, the supernatural and the paranormal and is between the ages of ten and a hundred years old.

In Megan’s School Trip, the school staff are organising a school trip, and the pupils can vote on where they want to go. Megan is confused about her first vote, but gets to go where she wants to go. She loves the trip, and explores the prehistoric cave site with Grrr, her ghost tiger friend. She seems to be transported back into those ancient times, but doesn’t find it scary, because her friend is with her. She later discusses her experience with her Spirit Guide, Wacinhinsha.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Afterlife & Reincarnation

Language: English

Keywords: afterlife, spiritualism, reincarnation, spirit guide, school trip, prehistoric caves, psychic powers, paranormal, supernatural, ghost tiger, familiar

Word Count: 11,000

Sample text:


Towards the end of April, it was announced to each class by the form teacher, that there would be a school outing in a fortnight’s time for those who qualified and whose parents would allow them to go. This did not happen every year, because such a trip was not funded by the authorities. The money had to be raised by the pupils, their parents and the school staff. They usually managed to go somewhere two years in three though, even if it was not very far away. For some of the children, it was the only holiday they ever got.

Mrs. Henshaw, Megan’s form’s head of class made an announcement after assembly and morning registration:

“As Mr. Hughes, the headmaster, said earlier on this morning, the Parent and Teachers Association has raised enough money to allow us to take you, those of you have not had detention in the last twelve months, away for the day again this year.

“Mr. Hughes has made three suggested destinations for the trip and has asked me to reveal them to you now. Therefore, will you get out your rough book and write them down now, please:

Number 1: the site of an ancient battle.

Number 2: an ancient religious site.

Number 3: a site of prehistoric interest.

“Mr. Hughes would like you to think about which site you would like to visit and perhaps discuss it with your parents. You will have until next Monday morning to do so, when there will be a short discussion after morning assembly and you will be able to cast your vote.

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