Meditation: The Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Life & Remove Anxiety by Wilfred Jonas

(58b) The Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Life & Remove Anxiety

Meditation: the ultimate guide to meditation for life & remove anxiety


Only because a lot of people say “I don’t hear my angel” or “I don’t know if they are real” doesn’t mean the don’t exist.Reconnecting with your guardian angel becomes only possible if you don’t block the connection with disbelief and mistrust. They can only help you if you ask and deeply wish their help.

Changing the lives of millions around the world, meditation proves to be the best exercise to perform before going to bed. At the end of day, your mind feels overwhelmed with stress, fatigue, and worries. When you fall asleep while still having all those thoughts swimming in your mind, your brain won’t rest properly, due to overthinking.

This inspiring hour-long meditation series can be used every day, at different times of the day or just when you feel the need to chill. Doing these meditations on a daily basis can help bring balance, love and laughter to your daily life.1

If you’ve sought treatment for bipolar disorder but are still struggling with symptoms, mindfulness may be the missing piece to solving the bipolar puzzle and taking back your life. This book will help you get started right away.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Meditation is a simple practice where the mind is calm and not overwhelmed by numerous thoughts. This mental practice of allows you to achieve control over your mind and what you think of in each moment as it passes. The basic role of meditation is to help you develop and improve your sense of awareness so you become more mindful of yourself and your surroundings.

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness that allows you to live in the moment, acknowledge it, and make the most of it without being judgmental of it. Meditation helps you achieve that sense of awareness; it does so by working on your brainwave states and regulating them. Let us try to better understand the brainwave states.

Each of us functions in 5 brainwave states: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Gamma has the highest frequency and delta has the lowest frequency. These five brainwaves are equally important for our proper functioning. Let us take a quick look at their characteristics:

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