Meditation: The Ultimate and Easy Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace by William Earley

(13b) The Ultimate and Easy Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace

Meditation: the ultimate and easy guide to meditation and inner peace


The field of neurobiology and the science of mindfulness reveal that the human brain is capable of being engaged in the experience of upset (fear, anxiety, depression) while simultaneously observing and holding ourselves with kindness, as a loving parent or partner would.

 This help creates a gentle, accepting and warm resonance with ourselves that can remain stable and present, even when parts of us feel upset.

It is of no surprise that stress, anxiety and depression are rising rapidly in our society that seems to be soo technologically connected but yet we are greatly disconnected from our deeper self. In this book you will find out how to take charge of your life, and make the decision to live the way you would like to. 

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Sample text:

Though it literally means “sitting meditation” or “sitting in meditation,” there’s a lot more involved. Some argue that Zazen is the ritualistic aspect of Zen philosophy, and while this is rather too simplistic, it’s not that far off the mark, either.


In Buddhism, rituals aim to remove uncertainty. When you know what the steps are, you can focus on the meditation more smoothly and avoid having to make things up on the spot. Making things up as you go along creates those “oh no, what now?” moments which destroys equanimity.


Think of Zazen rituals as the steps to a dance. Once you know and master those steps, you can avoid having to think about them and simply enjoy the dance.


While strictly focused on sitting meditation, Zazen also dictates how you enter the meditation hall, how you greet others, how you start and end the meditation, whether you face the wall, a scroll or another practitioner, and how you leave the hall. These will vary from school to school, so those bits won’t be covered here.


Zazen’s focus is on mindfulness, or more accurately, the understanding that your mind is far more than your identity, habits, and personality. Before you can get there, however, you have to first discipline your mind by becoming conscious of what you’re doing, what you’re feeling, and what’s going on around you on a moment-to-moment basis.


This is also why Zazen has a specific set of instructions on how you sit, what you sit on, and what you do while sitting. It also dictates what you must do and think at the end of your session.


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