Meditation: Most Powerful Promises and mindfulness by Timothy Crews

(80b) Most Powerful Promises and mindfulness

Meditation: most powerful promises and mindfulness


This book will tell you what to bring to each class; provides outlines for each session; offers scripts to help you differentiate the weekly meditative practices; and provides invaluable resources for further study and professional development. 

This guided meditation leads you through a full body relaxation, followed by a gentle guided meditation on the shores of a seashore, with the sounds of the waves lapping at the beach.

Meditation is an amazing technique that empowers you and helps you gain control of your mind and thoughts, by equipping you with the confidence and courage needed to battle your inner demons. If you are battling negative thoughts, chronic stress and depression

You will learn how to know the difference between a psychic feeling and your own thoughts, logic and imagination. This is key for developing your intuition and psychic awareness! You will finally be able to know those gut feelings, psychic visions and more!

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Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: meditation, meditation for beginners, meditation and mindfullness, buddhism

Word Count: 5975

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Sample text:

Once you have practiced meditation for some time, you can graduate to the next level by expanding and applying the techniques learned in the process to other activities more frequently. So, instead of being in a meditative state only during certain defined period, you can control your awareness such that you can quickly shuffle between meditative state and the mindful activity you are engaged in at any time during the day. For example, whenever you feel stress anytime during the day anywhere, you can take a minute and pay attention on your breath. With practice, it will happen quite naturally and you will also be able to return your mind back to the present moment immediately thereafter. 

You can take a walk in the idle of some problematic situation you face at workplace. Instead of thinking about the problem at hand, you can take a break, focus on your breath or other things around you and then come back to what you were engaged in. Developing this kind of attitude and training your mind to rest more frequently during the day will help you take better decisions with greater clarity. 

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