Meditation: Mindfulness Techniques to Improve Your Life by David Tarrant

(75b) Mindfulness Techniques to Improve Your Life

Meditation: mindfulness techniques to improve your life


This book will tell you what to bring to each class; provides outlines for each session; offers scripts to help you differentiate the weekly meditative practices; and provides invaluable resources for further study and professional development. If you’re looking to integrate mindfulness into your professional work, this is your go-to guide.

Meditation has a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. It can help you focus and it can keep your emotions balanced and stable. Meditation can change your life for the better. It can help increase your optimism and it can help you control your thoughts.

You will also know what kind of attitude you need to foster in order to meditate successfully as well as find the motivation to keep yourself going despite possible bumps in the road. Finally, you will learn the step-by-step guides on the easiest, simplest, and most practical meditation techniques. You can do them whenever and wherever to help you get back in tune with your body, relax, and release tension and negativity.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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Sample text:

Do not to eat anything for at least one hour before entering meditation. If you cannot control your hunger, or have to eat due to a health condition, ensure to eat a very light meal, such as a piece of fruit, two to three cookies, or a cup of milk. Eating a large meal prior to meditating can make you feel groggy, thus, preventing you from achieving the comfort you need to enter a meditative state.

Take a Bath or Shower: Although it isn’t essential, taking a warm bath or a shower before meditating will make it easier to enter a meditative state. A bath or shower makes you feel fresh, light, and clean. In addition, a peaceful bath has a calming effect on your mood, thus making meditation easier.

Wear Comfortable Clothes: When meditating, wear something comfy. Tight fitting clothes make you feel suffocated, preventing you from relaxing. In addition, you should refrain from wearing any heavy jewelry or anything that distracts you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Warm Up Your Body: Getting warmed up before practicing meditation is a great idea. Light exercise, such as stretching poses, jogging, walking, aerobics, or any other physical activity stimulates blood flow in the body, relieves stress, boosts the production of serotonin, and helps you relax. All these changes make it very easy to enter a meditative state.

Create a Soothing Atmosphere: It is essential to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere for practicing meditation. You cannot peacefully meditate if you are sitting somewhere noisy, cold, or uncomfortable.

Choose a quiet room that has the right temperature and ambience. You could light candles, or burn incense, or play some soothing music to make the atmosphere calming enough for you.

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