Meditation: Meditation Techniques to Successful Life and Relieve Stress by Julius Ricard

(2b) Meditation Techniques to Successful Life and Relieve Stress

Meditation: meditation techniques to successful life and relieve stress


The ten healing practices that comprise meditation on perception make up a comprehensive system of meditation, combining aspects of both tranquility and insight meditation. Tranquility meditation is used to calm and center the mind, and insight meditation is used to understand more clearly how we ordinarily perceive ourselves and the world around us. 

These meditations can be used to help readers and practitioners tap into creativity; discover their inner child; connect with their inner guide; explore the male and female within; and much more. This new edition is nearly twice as long as the previous one, with twice as many meditations; it also includes a new introduction by the author.

This super-easy and fun meditation book allows you to get started immediately on learning the basics of meditation on the breath. You can start where you are - at work, on vacation, anywhere. Meditation need not be complicated.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Adult Children of Substance Abusers

Language: English

Keywords: meditation, meditation for beginners, meditation and mindfullness, buddhism, zen, meditation exercises

Word Count: 6534

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Sample text:

Your first question might be what meditation is exactly.  Well, there is a definition of it that will help you better understand just what you’re getting into when you are partaking in mediation.  What it is for you is a practice that helps train and prepare the mind to be more focused, and you’ll also help become more conscious as well.  You can use this to help benefit you, or even to help acknowledge the consciousness of the mind without thinking about the content of it.  Meditation actually isn’t just the sitting cross-legged and saying a chant, there are a broad variety of techniques that entail this process.

When you’re meditating, you’re using techniques to help you relax, build your internal energy, usually called the Ki, and allowing yourself to become more loving, compassionate, patient, and other helpful emotions. You can use this as well to help you concentrate better, and you can feel the sense of well-being that is attached to it while engaging in this. 

Meditation has been used for many years in religious texts and in different contexts.  Many times, meditation can be seen as an internal struggle to regulate the mind using your own means.  You can use this to help get rid of many of your concerns.  

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