Meditation: Life Changing Guide to Your Body and Mind the with Power by Robert MacLean

(87b) Life Changing Guide to Your Body and Mind the with Power

Meditation: life changing guide to your body and mind  the with power


Think about it. While you sleep, your body is working behind the scenes to heal you. When you are meditating, your mind is working hard helping you to understand the complexity of life and acceptance of self. This leads to the following benefits.

If you have bipolar disorder, you may experience feelings of mania or high energy, followed by periods of depression and sadness. These unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels can make it extremely difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks—and ultimately reach your goals.

If you’ve sought treatment for bipolar disorder but are still struggling with symptoms, mindfulness may be the missing piece to solving the bipolar puzzle and taking back your life. This book will help you get started right away.


If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: meditation, meditation for beginners, meditation and mindfullness, buddhism, meditation exercises

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Sample text:

As we have claimed that Meditation is a complete relaxation procedure which can fill entire body, mind and spirit with ocean of vast positive energies. Concentration is the main key aspect in meditation. It fills a person with great positive thoughts and optimistic approach and person can fight the adverse conditions happening in the life. 

Brief Summary of performing meditation:

Starting Position:

Sit in relaxed yoga sitting posture .Place your hands in calmly on your knees. Sit in erect position. Breathe normally after closing your eyes.

 Focus on inhalation and exhalation. Your mind may be fogging in-between, but try to control your breathing process. Try to avoid any distractions and focus on the positive energies only.

Releasing Position:

 Fold your hands on eyes making a cup and blink the eyes for a few seconds so that eyes become acclimatized for sudden light exposure. Breathe easy and stay relaxed.

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