Meditation: Learn How to Easily Relieve Stress and Sleep Better Instantly by Alison Tenoyo

(7b) Learn How to Easily Relieve Stress and Sleep Better Instantly

Meditation: learn how to easily relieve stress and sleep better instantly


This book will provide a brief overview of the history of meditation and how it has become so widely popular in modern day culture and why it will continue to grow in popularity for future generations. Basic easy to follow tips, suggestions, and exercises are provided to help make meditation a part of your daily life.

You must have heard people talk about the amazing powers of meditation. You might have met people raving about how meditation transformed their life. You might have even read blogs teaching you how to meditate, but when you tried it you found it incredibly frustrating and not peaceful at all.

If you have problems with anxiety or with your general response to daily stresses, you've made the right steps toward solace by considering this audiobook. This guided meditation is all about diagnosing your anxiety triggers, working to find peace, and coming to heal yourself.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: meditation, meditation for beginners, meditation and mindfullness, buddhism, zen, meditation exercises

Word Count: 1819

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Sample text:

The Heart of the Rose is the basic concentration meditation technique that is perfect for beginners. This meditation technique can help improve your concentration, productivity, and work performance.

It can improve your cognitive function and it is a great form of mind training. This technique is based on the ancient Buddhist meditation. But, it is growing more and more popular after Robin Sharma featured it in his book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.

The object of concentration for this technique is a rose, but any flower will do.

Begin to stare at the flower. Take time to notice the colors and the texture of the flower.

Hold your attention on the center of the flower. Notice the texture, the shapes, and the shades of the heart of the rose. Remember that this is a concentration exercise. If your mind starts to wander, you bring your focus back to the center of the flower.

You may have to repeat this process many times, especially if you have an untrained mind.

Say a silent prayer of gratitude and then remove your attention from the heart of the rose.

The heart of the rose is a powerful technique that you can use to control your mind. It helps you control your thoughts.

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