Meditation: Learn How to Be Peaceful and Relieve Stress and Spiritual Maturity and Success by Matthew Mason

(12b) Learn How to Be Peaceful and Relieve Stress and Spiritual Maturity and Success

Meditation: learn how to be peaceful and relieve stress and spiritual maturity and success


These excerpts from sermons and letters contain his personal and faithful words about the crucifixion and the power of the cross for all Christians. Meditations on the Cross is ideal for devotional reading and personal reference.

There is no solution to our suffering either above in the sky or outside in science and technology. It lies within each one of us. Our problem is not a big problem as much as our ignorance about the existence of the solution. We do not know a clear structured way to turn inward.

Mеditаtiоn is a grеаt and еаѕу еxеrсiѕе that саn be dоnе аnуwhеrе at аnу time аnd requires very littlе tо get ѕtаrtеd. Thе bеnеfitѕ аrе inсrеdiblе and can bе fеlt within hоurѕ оf mеditаting

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Sample text:

Things change, people change, its life. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you change the people in your life because of this. When you decide to take this action, communication is your biggest asset.  

Find an appropriate time and place and have a heart to heart conversation with the person you want to fix things with. If they care about you, trust me they will listen. Clearly explain that you do not want to change them in any way, you simply want to change how things are between you because currently you are not so happy. Listen to them too.  

Take a break from the relationship  

Sometimes we just need to clear our heads. It can be a bit hard to regard something without being biased when you are in it. If you are between the fence about ending or mending a relationship, or if you have tried fixing it with no avail then this can help. 

Communication is still essential if you hope to mend things; don’t just disappear on the person. Tell them why you need a break and again, if they care about you they will understand.

During your break, try to think clearly about that relationship. If it does more damage than good or if you have relentlessly tried to make things better and things don’t seem to change either way then you might want to let go of such a relationship. If there is a chance then move to the fixing step. 

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