Meditation: Easy Meditation Techniques to Be Happy and Relieve Stress by Amanda Grossman

(15b) Easy Meditation Techniques to Be Happy and Relieve Stress

Meditation: easy meditation techniques to be happy and relieve stress


You must have heard people talk about the amazing powers of meditation. You might have met people raving about how meditation transformed their life. You might have even read blogs teaching you how to meditate, but when you tried it you found it incredibly frustrating and not peaceful at all.

Millions of people meditate for different reasons. Whether you choose to meditate for religious or therapeutic reasons, the truth remains that meditation can help change the way you generally approach life, the way you react to life's circumstances, and how you relate and interact with the people in your life.

In this meditation guide for beginners, we shall discuss and understand everything you need to know about meditation before you start practicing it and how best to meditate to reap the amazing benefits meditation has to offer.

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Sample text:

Concentration Meditation – This is one of the most common types of meditation technique. Students are asked to focus on a single point. It can be a word, a thing, or a mantra. People who practice concentration meditation may stare at a candle flame for a prolong period of time or they could simply count rosary beads. Concentration meditation is generally practiced by monks and spiritual mystics. This type of meditation aims to improve your concentration and cognitive function. It also helps you control your thoughts and emotions. It also increases your awareness and improves your intuition.
Mindfulness Meditation – This is a secular type of meditation that was derived from certain Buddhist meditation techniques. This is widely practiced in the West. People use this technique for stress relief. This meditation technique also increases your awareness and it helps improve your concentration. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle and it helps you live in the moment. This technique also helps you remove all your worries and it helps you become more optimistic.

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