Meditation: Easy and Powerful Meditation Techniques Proven to Reduce Stress by Joseph Sprague

(37b) Easy and Powerful Meditation Techniques Proven to Reduce Stress

Meditation: easy and powerful meditation techniques proven to reduce stress


A recognition of the qualities that make you unique, special, and worthwhile.Learn to appreciate yourself despite what may be happening in your life.

 This collection presents new ways of viewing familiar situations and daily reminders of the value of living compassionately. Each meditation includes an inspirational quote and tips for integrating the message into the reader's life.

This shift in consciousness is challenging, but with the words and ideas of this book, readers can assemble a collection of practical tools for peaceful living

The help of this book, you’ll learn more about Stoicism, how you can adapt its principles into your life, and how you can make sure that you’ll be able to live a life that’s full of serenity and happiness!


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Sample text:

A layman may consider meditation to be a sort of prayer or worship but it is not the case. Meditation basically means awareness. So whatever you do with complete awareness it is referred to as meditation. Meditation is like listening to birds chirping and counting your breath. Thus, as long as such activities are devoid of any distractions, it can be said to be effective meditation.

The term meditation received its origin from the combination of 2 Latin words; meditari which means “to think” and mederi which means “to heal”. Also it’s Sanskrit, which is an ancient Indic language of India means “wisdom”. Despite all the popularity and demand, very few people truly understand the true meaning of meditation or what it entails. There are individuals who believe it to be mental concentration, whereas others regard is as satisfaction or peace. In actuality, meditation is the state of awareness, it cannot be said to be the act of doing. Surprisingly a person may be in meditation while doing the day to day chores, while sitting in lotus posture on top of the mountain etc.

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