Meditation: A Practical Guide to Reach Your Goals by Gladys Turner

(46b) A Practical Guide to Reach Your Goals

Meditation: a practical guide to reach your goals


Meditation is a diverse practice with hundreds of schools, philosophies, and techniques. But it doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need to study for years, find an ashram, or practice for hours a day. You can start getting the benefits of meditation right now - in just minutes! 

When you know your worth, you keep the right people around you, make healthy decisions and understand your own value. Knowing your worth leads you towards becoming the best you can be, because you know what you bring to the table. This hypnosis duo is designed to bring the best out of you by transforming how you see yourself.

 We can use it to calm ourselves into a restful state of tranquility, greatly benefiting the quality of our sleep and our ability to be proactive in our decisions.

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Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: meditation, meditation for beginners, meditation and mindfullness, buddhism, meditation exercises

Word Count: 10003

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Sample text:

From birth we are finding ourselves, finding our traits, personalities, skills and emotions. We continue to learn about ourselves until the day we die and taking time out to look on who we are as human beings is important for us and others around us.

Life is not just about going day to day doing our daily routine, it is about understanding what our reasons are for being here, who we are, who others are. To be able to understand who you are, you must look deep within your heart and your soul. No amount of books and coaching can tell you who you are. It is something you have to do on your own. When you are at a point in your life that you have an understanding of yourself and you are at peace with the person you are then you can understand others and the actions and feelings of others.

Everyone knows someone that will say, “Be more spontaneous,” or “Try to be more like her.” We have all been in that situation where we envy someone else’s life, maybe you have children and sometimes secretly wish you were single, maybe you are the single one and want to be married with children?

Before you can take on any of life’s challenges, you have to know who you are. Life is a journey that throws us many choices, many difficulties and many tragedies. It is our job as humans to take that and make what we can with it. The problem is how can we make something with it if we don’t know how, if we don’t who we are?

Understanding your friends, your family, your past and your future all means understanding yourself. You cannot take something apart and analyze it until you are sure who you are.

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