MEAN GIRLS - Book 7: Crazy Camp by Katrina Kahler

Books for Girls aged 9-12

Sandy and Remmy are in heaps of trouble, not only from the Principal but their parents are really disappointed!

Mean girls - book 7: crazy camp

Well, the camera idea wasn't so smart after all!!!!

Sandy and Remmy are in heaps of trouble, not only from the Principal but their parents are really disappointed! Will they ever be forgiven and will their friends desert them for being so silly?

The news of a school camping trip brightens up the girls...everyone in their class is super excited about it. Unfortunately, Remmy ends up in a group of girls that wouldn't be her first choice. But as long as she has Bridget with her, she decides it will be okay. And besides, Charlie will be there too. Unfortunately, one of the girls is causing trouble! Who is the culprit? What mischief do they get up to? Download this book and find out.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Bullying

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / New Experience

Language: English

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Word Count: 26278

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Sample text:

As Remmy and Sandy both sat around the kitchen table opposite their disappointed parents, they decided that perhaps their idea to catch out Sandy’s bully hadn’t been such a great idea. However, hindsight was no good to them now, they couldn't go back in time and change their action. Instead, they had to face the consequences.

Marcus was staring at them as he tapped his fingers against the table. Tap, tap, tap… The sound echoed through Remmy’s head and she wanted desperately for him to keep his fingers still and just say something.

Finally, he paused and stared at them. ‘Girls, it’s time for you to tell the truth. I don’t want any you understand me?’

At first, neither of the girls said a word, instead, they exchanged worried expressions and then looked down at the table. Remmy felt overwhelmed by their parents’ disappointment. It was as though she was breathing it in and it was beginning to suffocate her.

‘I’m sorry, I really am,’ she blurted out. ‘We put the camera there but-’

‘We only did it to try and find out who was bullying me. I don’t see the big deal,’ Sandy shrugged.

‘Cassandra, I didn’t raise you to believe that leaving cameras in bathrooms was an acceptable thing to do.’ Marcus glared at her. ‘You can’t go around filming people without their permission. You are both very lucky that your principal has decided not to involve the police.’

‘The police?’ Sandy looked shocked.

‘Yes, the police. He has decided to deal with this matter himself. Have you girls any idea how embarrassing it was for us both to receive that phone call from him? We were so disappointed and ashamed.' Marcus shook his head.

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