MEAN GIRLS - Book 10 - Disaster: Books for Girls aged 9-12 by Katrina Kahler

Remmy is faced with more bullying behavior from the vampires and is at a loss for what to do.

Mean girls - book 10 - disaster: books for girls aged 9-12

Remmy is faced with more bullying behavior from the vampires and is at a loss for what to do. But then her friend, Amelia comes to the rescue with some ideas which help Remmy discover that she can handle her problems on her own. When she decides to take matters into her own hands, this leads to an unexpected reaction, and Sandy's behavior spirals out of control. However, no one expects the disaster that follows or the consequences of the vampires' decisions.

Don’t miss out on this dramatic conclusion. It is one that will catch you by surprise. Mean Girls – Book 10: Disaster is another great book for girls that you’re sure to enjoy.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Stepfamilies

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Bullying

Language: English

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Word Count: 26161

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#55 in Children's Blended Families Books
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#297 in Children's Books on Bullies

Sample text:

Remmy sat in the toilet cubicle and stared at the door. She’d been hiding in there for at least ten minutes in an attempt to avoid everyone. Sandy had completely embarrassed her in the cafeteria, and there was no way she was going back in there. What Sandy had said was sure to be hot gossip and now every kid in the school had probably heard about it. Remmy’s step-sister hated her and had even accused Remmy of ruining her life. After so much humiliation, Remmy thought everyone would consider her a joke.

The bathroom smelled horrible and someone had even thrown toilet-paper across the floor. Toilet cubicles made her feel uncomfortable, as they reminded her of the time that the vampires had written mean words on her in permanent marker and then left her there alone. Now Remmy was back hiding out in the bathroom again, chewing on her fingernails as she continued to stare at the door. At least there wasn’t any graffiti written about her on the wall. The only graffiti said I love CH 4ever. Remmy didn’t think too much about it. She was just glad that it hadn’t been written about her.

The bell rang, and she reluctantly stood up. She slung her backpack over her shoulder and left the cubicle. After washing her hands, she walked back to class with her head hung low in a bid to stay hidden from the world. But this didn’t work.

“Did you hear what Sandy said to her?” a girl said loudly to her friend, as they walked past.

Remmy hurried forwards, willing for the ground to engulf her. There were kids everywhere, and it felt like each one was staring and pointing at her.

“Poor Sandy, she’s too pretty to have to deal with a nightmare sister,” a boy said loudly to his group.

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