Mata Hari by Walter Parks

Erotic Dancer Courtesan Spy

Mata Hari was an erotic dancer and courtesan who became a spy.

Mata hari

Mata Hari was an impressive Erotic Dancer and Courtesan that enjoyed seducing men.

She later got an assignment from France to seduce military men for military intelligence.

Yes, she became a spy and was sentenced to death by firing squad.

As the firing squad prepared to shoot her she flung open her coat to show her body and blew them a kiss.

She was born Margareta Gertrude Zelle in Leeuwarden, Netherlands August 7, 1876. She was shot in Vincennes, France October 15, 1917 at the age of 41.

Her father was Adam Zelle, a wealthy hat merchant who went bankrupt due to bad oil investments.

Her mother was Antje Zelle, who fell ill and died when Mata Hari was 15 years old.

Following her mother's death, Mata Hari and her three brothers were split up and sent to live with various relatives.

At an early age, Mata Hari decided that sexuality was her ticket in life.

At 18 she boldly answered a newspaper ad seeking a bride for Rudolf MacLeod, a bald, mustachioed military captain based in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia).

She sent striking photos of herself, raven-haired and olive-skinned, to entice him.

Despite a 21-year age difference, they wed on July 11, 1895, when Mata Hari was just shy of 19.

The marriage enabled her to move into the Dutch upper class, and that placed her finances on a sound footing.

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Keywords: Mata Hari, spy, courtesan, erotic dancer, performer, lover, world war I

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Mata Hari's life from promiscuous girl to courtesan to erotic dancer and to spy. Many pictures for each stage of her life are provided.

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