Mastering Virtual Reality: A Beginner's Guide To Start Making Money With Virtual Reality by Adidas Wilson

People have been waiting for VR to take off for years and they have been met with disappointment—until recently.

Mastering virtual reality: a beginner's guide to start making money with virtual reality

People have been waiting for VR to take off for years and they have been met with disappointment—until recently. A lot of evidence is now promising a bright future for VR but investors should be knowledgeable about several things before diving in; like what the risks are, how big the market is going to be, why this strategy should be played out in the long term and who the key players are.
Book Includes:


1. Virtual Reality Rises
2. Virtual Reality via Real Estate

3. VR Goldmine                                               
4. Virtual Reality Apps
5. VR Business Opportunities
6. AR and VR in Education
7. VR Now
8. Diving Into VR
9. Medical VR Is Changing Healthcare

10. VR Golden Era
11. AR marketing Ideas
12. Making Money in Augmented Reality
13. Virtual Reality and Therapists
14. Before Investing In Virtual Reality
15. VR with Blockchain



Genre: COMPUTERS / Virtual Worlds

Secondary Genre: GAMES / Video & Electronic

Language: English


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The term virtual reality is almost self-explanatory. Virtual means almost or near while reality means what is actually experienced. Therefore, virtual reality fundamentally implies near-reality. It is used to refer to an imitation of reality.


We know our reality or our world through our perception systems and our senses. All that we know is a combination of the information that our senses convey to the brain and how the brain makes sense of it. Thus, you can ‘create’ a reality by feeding the senses with fabricated information. This new reality that you will know is one that does not really exist but you will perceive as if it does. Now that is virtual reality.


Defining it in technical terms is easy. It is simply a three-dimensional environment created by a computer and can interact with and be explored by a person. The person can perform actions in that environment since they become a part of it. 

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