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How to Establish a Massage Therapy Clinic

The massage business is one of the few sectors that is doing quite well, so it is no wonder that numerous people are considering changing into it at least until the economic crisis eases a little. The qualifications can be obtained in six months and are not really expensive, when you can earn two times the fees each year as a massage therapist. The owner of a massage therapy clinic with a couple of therapists would obviously earn more again.

As the proprietor of the clinic, you will of course have to set up the business and run it, which involves doing the courses, finding a location, renting a salon, getting in staff and marketing. Having said that, you should be able to begin from scratch and get up and running within nine to twelve months. Here follows a couple of thoughts on how to set up a massage therapy clinic.

Let us assume that you already have your credentials for having learned at least 800-1,000 hours of coursework on massage therapy and that you have done a few supplementary modules on office administration. The next task is to find a location for your clinic or parlour.

You ought to look for a spot where there is much foot traffic, plenty of pedestrians and if there is stacks of retail shopping there as well, so much the better. Do not worry too much about competition, unless the area is really saturated with other massage salons.

A lot of your customers are likely to be female shoppers and female shop assistants hoping for a foot massage or reflexology. Sportsmen and women and shop-owners tend to go for the full body massage, so being near a sports centre would be a good idea as well as massage therapy in sports clubs is normally fairly expensive.

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