Mars Nation by Brandon Q. Morris

Hard Science Fiction

Four astronauts on Mars

Mars nation

NASA finally made it. The very first human has just set foot on the surface of our neighbor planet. This is the start of a long research expedition that sent four scientists into space.
But the four astronauts of the NASA crew are not the only ones with this destination. The privately financed ‘Mars for Everyone’ initiative has also targeted the Red Planet. Twenty men and women have been selected to live there and establish the first extraterrestrial settlement.
Challenges arise even before they reach Mars orbit. The MfE spaceship Santa Maria is damaged along the way. Only the four NASA astronauts can intervene and try to save their lives.
No one anticipates the impending catastrophe that threatens their very existence—not to speak of the daily hurdles that an extended stay on an alien planet sets before them. On Mars, a struggle begins for limited resources, human cooperation, and just plain survival.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Hard SF, Mars

Word Count: 75000

Sales info:

Was an Audible original, 15.000+ sold in English and German, each

3 part series

Sample text:

The sun floated right above the horizon in a rosy sky. Lance squinted at it. It looked much smaller from here than it did from Earth, but its light could still blind him if he gazed right into it. After a few more arc minutes around the sun, the sky shifted to blue. Sharon, the pilot whose studies had also included meteorology, had told him about this, but he hadn’t believed her. He needed to apologize to her, even though the others knew by now that he was one of those who had to see such things with his own eyes.

“Everything alright?” he heard Mike’s voice say over his helmet radio.

“Yes, Commander. It’s very romantic.”

“You have things to do.”

Thanks, Mike, he thought. Like I didn’t know that already. Lance took his time anyway. It was to be his first step onto the new planet that would be his home for the next six months. Until now, all he had done was travel across the Mars surface from the landing site of the Endeavour to their quarters inside the Rover’s pressurized cabin, which he reached via a pressurized tube. 

He squinted again at the distant sun. It looked white from here, not yellow like from Earth, which might explain why it felt less warm. Of course, that wasn’t the fault of the color, but rather the distance. “We need to optimize the disembarking process,” he said. “If it takes us six hours every time, we’ll never get any work done.”

“Don’t worry,” Mike replied. “Even after the sun sets, it will stay light for a while. The dust in the atmosphere will keep reflecting the sunlight even after the sun has dropped below the horizon.”

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