Marketing Your Business in 52 Bite-sized Chunks by Owen Jones

How to market any business in one lesson a week.

Marketing your business in 52 bite-sized chunks

Marketing Your Business in 52 Bite-sized Chunks

Marketing Your Business in 52 Bite-sized Chunks was written for business people – for people who use the Internet, realise it’s potential, but who are spending so much time trying to get their business off the ground, that they are not sure how to promote it on line.

And don’t have too much time to find out either!

People who want the salient information of how to use the Internet to promote their business right now – at their finger tips. This book is divided up into 52 bit-sized chunks covering all the aspects of Internet promotion that you will need to know for the foreseeable future, so don’t worry about having to buy more books!

There cannot be a book two like this with another 52 modules – ever and that’s a promise, despite the fact that the Internet is still evolving quickly.

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Advertising & Promotion

Language: English

Keywords: business, marketing course, business promo, sales, advertising, business owners guide

Word Count: 27,000

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How to Create the Correct Office Environment

The office environment and the furniture in that office play a vital role in the productivity of that office. It also has a colossal influence on the well-being of the office workers which will also have a big effect on productivity.

People have to be given the right tools if they are to be expected to do a job well and in an office environment, the various pieces of furniture are some of the tools.

So, you, the boss, might think that you are saving money by purchasing cheap or second-hand tables and chairs, but that decision could cost you in lost productivity for the next ten or fifteen years. However, it is not only efficiency that you could be losing, your furniture choices could also be affecting the health of your employees causing them to experience aches and pains and even take sick leave. In the worst cases, you might even be taken to court.

Yet all you did was try to save a few dollars on a couple of chairs.

If you work for yourself, say, at home, this is equally if not more important, because if you are the only one in your company and if you get sick, your firm stops trading, which could affect your kids' schooling, your mortgage, your car payments and your future credit worthiness, if you do not have adequate insurance.

Yet all you did was try to save a few dollars on a couple of chairs.

It is imperative to establish the correct working environment right from the beginning. If you were a carpenter, you would not buy a rusty, secondhand saw and you would not buy yourself an old 386 computer to work at, so why not apply the same principles to the office furniture? Office furniture costs less than a new computer and will last at least three times longer.

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