Manifestation: The ultimate secret guide of Law of Attraction by Ellena Fernandez

SOMETHING HAS CHANGED. A shift happened in my energy. I feel unstoppable!!

Manifestation: the ultimate secret guide of law of attraction


The book lays the spiritual foundation for dynamic manifestation in every facet of life with exceptional clarity. Using step by step processes and principles, you elevate the frequency of your being into the positive, loving force of the supernal or Divine Heart. From this new inner state, you form your world filled with the illumination of the inner Creator. Your physical life now becomes the parable for the beauty and richness of elevated awareness. Within this state of grace you lift your debts, including the financial, and vivify your universe with blessings.

When it comes to working with the Law of Attraction, or manifesting your desires, there are many, so called “secrets”. When movies are produced or books are published on either of these two subjects some of the most important information is, well let’s just say… “missing.” You’re only provided with half of the information that you need.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.

Genre: RELIGION / Ancient

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: manifesting, manifestation, meditation, self help, motvation, law of attraction, universe, stress, spiritual

Word Count: 10000

Sales info:

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Sample text:

You are the creator of your reality. When you want to succeed in your career or create abundant wealth, start living it as your reality. Remember Jim Carrey! Feel your new reality. This will emit positive vibrations. You attract the Universe to manifest faster with higher levels of positive vibrations.

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