Magical Masquerade by Hilary Gilman

Regency Romance of passion and deception

Magical masquerade

A magical Regency re-telling of Beauty and the Beast
Beauty is Minette de Saint Saze, a lovely innocent who must save her twin sister’s honour at the cost of her own virtue. The Beast is His Grace the Duke of Rochford, a bitter man with a heart as scarred as his own, once handsome, face.
Minette reluctantly takes her sister’s place in Camer Castle, the lair of the Beast, where she learns to know the real man behind the cynical mask Rochford presents to the world. She longs to heal his terrible hurt, yet she knows that, for her sister’s sake, he must never suspect that the girl who is falling in love with him is not the society Beauty who accepted his fortune and scorned his passion.

As love flames into desire, Minette comes to understand that the only true happiness she will ever know is in the arms of this damaged man who does not, and never will, belong to her.


Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Erotic Romance, Beauty and the Beast

Word Count: 62107

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Magical Masquerade is one of a series of 6 Regency Masquerades. It was published in March 2014 and has a 4 star rating on Each Regency Masquerade book has remained in the top 2000 in Regency Romance for several months subsequent to publiction.

Sample text:

Mignonette, more inured than Eugénie to the Spartan conditions prevailing at home, took her sister’s cold hands in hers and rubbed them vigorously to warm them as she said, ‘Oh Génie, what happy, happy news! A child on the way and you only married in September! Is the Duke very pleased? He must be, I think.’

Eugénie pulled her hands away pettishly. ‘Oh, leave be. Rochford does not know. I have not told him.’

‘You have not told him? But, my love, why ever not?’

Eugénie dropped her head into her hands, pressing the palms against her eyelids. Her fingertips trembled against her hair. ‘I cannot. You do not understand.’

Mignonette gently pulled the fluttering hands away from her twin’s face and imprisoned them between her own. ‘But I want to understand. Something has gone terribly wrong. Tell me.’

‘You want to know what is wrong?’ Eugénie laughed a little hysterically. ‘Only this: the Duke, my husband, has yet to consummate our marriage!’

The colour drained from Mignonette’s face. ‘But—but, Génie, how can this be?’

‘Come, you are not so innocent as all that! You know how babies are made.’

‘I meant how— Oh, it is Charles D’Evremont’s I suppose.’

 Eugénie’s face crumpled. ‘I discovered I was enceinte just days after the Pelican was sunk. I was in despair, for how could I tell Grandmère that I would not marry the Duke after all the sacrifices she had made to send me to London? I dared not.’

‘You married the Duke knowing that you were—? Ah, I see, you meant to pass the child off as his?’


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Already translated. Translated by Adele Contenti
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