Lyrics from an Old Soul by Tatiana Whigham

Short Story Collection The Dream Hanger covers the lives of three young females who each come from very different backgrounds, yet life has ironically brought them to the same place.

Lyrics from an old soul

Short Story Collection The Dream Hanger covers the lives of three young females who each come from very different backgrounds, yet life has ironically brought them to the same place. As each character struggles to pick up the pieces of life, God's purpose and plan for them becomes all the more real. By trashing their plans, they begin to pick up their dreams and live again. Are you who you are because of what you are? Or are you what you are because of who you are? Is a piece that deals with the lives of two young men, each thoroughly a victim of their own society. Growing up in the city streets, they each become products of what they see. Through a few bad decisions and wrong turns, they each find the path that God has for them on a road to discovering the meaning of life, friendship, and forgiveness. Runaway Home is about the life of a young girl who has the misfortune of witnessing a terrible incident as a child. This incident spiritually scars her, and causes her to have a skewed outlook on life. As time wears on, it's through the after math of this very incident that she will find ambition, life, and love, proving yet again that everything can be used for the glory of God. Even with all of her attempts to escape her pain, God brings her back to purpose.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

Language: English

Keywords: Christian, Christian Life, Christian Living, Lyrics, soul

Word Count: 33000

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“Today, we’re going to watch a documentary on William Faulkner. He was an aspiring author whose writings revolutionized his generation. He. . .” The words of my American Literature professor, Dr. Stroud, are drowned out by the presence of my own thoughts. While he’s still talking, I take pleasure in my own writings. Unlike the works of Faulkner, my writings are actually relevant to me in my distress. Excuse me for being honest, but no amount of energy spent on analyzing the works of some early 20th century buff is going to get me out of here. I need a plan; I need an escape from this place, it only serves as a constant reminder of what I’ve already lost.

The bell rings, and class is over. I have about an hour or two until my next class of crap; so, I think I’ll spend it in my own company.



Who’s ever lifted his eyes and really wished upon a star? Was it real or just imaginary? Who’s ever closed his eyes to envelope himself into a happy ever after? Yeah, me neither. I used to believe in wishes and happy endings, but now, I know the truth. Dreams and hopes of fairytale living are as close to raw hogwash as anyone can get. The idea of fairness, and you get what you put out is horse crap. Life’s not fair, and in the real world, good girls always finish last; in my life anyways. Here I am, on the cemented steps as they hoist me up to see every detail of my tormented life. There’s a liquor store on the corner of East and 1st, a few more apartments just like mine, dusty sidewalks, streets covered with snow, and finally, the empty warehouse at the end of the block. I used to believe that I could leave this place if I tried hard enough, but that’s not reality. I’ve been in this same rut for seventeen years, six months, two weeks, and three days. I’m pretty sure my future is set.

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