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Luck seven secrets

Seven simple steps that will get us closer to our dreams. A wonderful guide towards a happy life. 
When I meet people who feel lucky, people to whom Fortune smiled on some or several occasions, they generally agree on one thing: Luck or fortune didn’t come by chance.
Fortune requires perseverance, enthusiasm and hard work to be reconciled with us: that is, we need to put in an effort to lure it in our lives.
We can identify LUCK as a stroke of fortune that reaches us once in life, and we waste all our time waiting for it to struck, an approach that in most cases is ineffective.
We tend to think of our UNLUCKY STAR when we, stunned, watch the news about fortunate people who won the lottery; found oil beneath their farms or had a gifted child that has made them millionaires. These are exceptional cases.
However, we don’t thank our LUCKY STAR when we see or read tragic news. It just seems that these can’t happen to us. And the probability that, by chance, something really good happens to us is the same as the probability that something really bad happens to us: VERY SCARCE.
So we start thinking about luck as something that we can control, as a path that we can choose in order to reach a goal. This requires paying attention to a series of rules, which I have called SECRETS, although in reality are just loaded with common sense.
Let’s walk together on this path.

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Sample text:

Do you really want to be LUCKY?

Many people think that such a short guide can bring to their lives little or nothing: MISTAKE!

The problem isn’t the book being brief, the problem is whether you will be able to read it and apply the SECRETS exactly, constantly remembering them and being able to apply them in a disciplined way.

An endless manual to explain seven simple rules which are within the comprehension of anyone with a little common sense is needless.

My travels through the world, and my uncontrollable habit of talking to everyone about everything, led me to search for a sort of commandments that would allow me to follow the path towards LUCK that I, like most humans, want to walk on.

The 7 SECRETS revealed in the following pages are not given by university professors or by eminences on specific fields, nor by spiritual or religious leaders. These secrets came to me through simple and ordinary people, normal people that I identified as fully happy persons. They are inhabitants of different countries and very different cultural environments: India, USA, Europe, Ethiopia, China, Mexico and Senegal...

These people of great inner strength are united by the same desire and by the same pleasant feeling of accomplishment.

And so, at last, FORTUNE came into my own life.

In this brief guide I have summarized the SECRETS transmitted to me in 7 short rules.

Now it's up to you to decide if …


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