Low Carb: The Ultimate Guide to the Low-Carb Diet by Deana Bonheur

The Ultimate Guide to the Low-Carb Diet

Low carb: the ultimate guide to the low-carb diet


The Paleo Lifestyle is becoming extremely popular but the big knock on it is that it's not EASY. And how can you substitute those fillers, like pasta and rice that aren't Paleo? In this book you will discover TONS recipes that will allow to eat amazingly delicious, HEALTHY food using your Spiralizer or Veggetti!! What more could you ask for as it pertains to the health of you and your family? 

The problem is that most weight-loss programs or books out there are either super expensive, extremely low-quality or even both. They promise a lot, but don't deliver. And that's why this is NOT ''just another diet program''. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to look hot and feel great, which also includes a ton of healthy & easy recipes. This book contains ONLY what you need: no boring or useless theory. 

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Sample text:

Salmon on the Fly – Serves 1

What you will need:

1 can salmon, no bones or skin

1 cup cottage cheese

1 small handful spinach


Lemon juice



Open and drain the salmon, and lay the cottage cheese on your plate. Lay the spinach on next, and season with the spices to your own particular preference.

Lay the salmon on next, and garnish with more cheese, if you would like. 

Serve immediately. 

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