Low carb: Lose Weight With Low Carb Diet and Live Healthy by katya Sasko

Lose Weight With Low Carb Diet and Live Healthy

Low carb: lose weight with low carb diet and live healthy


The ketogenic diet replaces foods rich in carbohydrates with foods rich in fats. This implies a high reduction in carbohydrates and the consumption of foods rich in fats. The most benefit you will get from this diet comes when your body is in the state called ketosis, which is why this diet is called the keto diet. You are putting your body in this stage while reducing the intake of carbs.

Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have discovered the health benefits of the Ketogenic Diet and are losing that stubborn abdominal fat and lowering their risk for hundreds of obesity-related diseases.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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cholesterol has gone up. 

As the LCHF diet is aimed toward being a lifestyle rather than just a diet you will need to be constantly educating yourself as you move forward. You should have a constantly expanding range of recipes and always be learning more about what food you can eat and what offers you the most health benefits. If you started on LCHF to lose weight you will soon hit your target weight. Providing that this was a realistic target your body will then stay at what it determines is an ideal weight and will not simple continuing to get thinner and thinner. Hopefully by then you will be so deeply attached to your new lifestyle that you will remain with it and continue to enjoy all the other health benefits that it incorporates.  


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