Low Carb: Easy-to-make low carb recipes by Charles Jacobs

Easy-to-make low carb recipes

Low carb: easy-to-make low carb recipes


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Sample text:


•         half a cup of parsley, chopped

•         two bay leaves

•         one cup of sugar-free marinara sauce

•         one tablespoon of fish sauce

•         two teaspoons of garlic, minced

•         one cup of celery, chopped

•         two cups of carrots, sliced

•         one cup of yellow onion, sliced

•         three cups of savoy cabbage, sliced

•         one and half pounds of pork medallions

•         salt and pepper to taste



Combine celery, garlic, cabbage, carrots, and onion in crock pot and mix.  Cover with pork medallions.  Combine fish sauce, chicken stock, and marinara sauce and pour over the pork and veggies.  Season with bay leaves and parsley and cook for six hours.  


•         half a cup of parsley, chopped

•         two bay leaves

•         one cup of sugar-free marinara sauce



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