Low Carb: Easily Lose Weight Quickly and Feel Fantastic by Nigel Holley

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Low carb: easily lose weight quickly and feel fantastic


You’re about to discover how to...
Have you tried diet after diet but nothing seems to work? Do you have a tough time sticking to any kind of diet? Would you like to eat more of the “guilty” foods you love and lose weight? Would you like to go on a diet that does not feel like you are in prison or you are punishing yourself? If you answered yes to any of the above, I have some terrific news for you. You can start eating fatty, filling, tasty foods again and not have to worry about all that fat and calories sticking to your gut. 

In this complete ketogenic diet book, I decided to collect all necessary information about a new diet for those who want to follow it. The benefit you will gain from this book depends on you. 

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Sample text:

A low carb diet aims to help you lose weight by restricting the amount and type of carbohydrates that you eat while giving emphasis on fat and protein. It stimulates the body to use fat as fuel source instead of burning carbohydrates.

You might also want to adopt this food regimen if you want to improve your eating habits or enjoy the amount and types of food that are included in this diet.

Aside from weight loss, a low carb diet may also help improve or prevent serious medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It may also have a positive effect on your blood cholesterol and sugar levels.

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