Low carb: A beginner's low carb guide for weight lose by Emma Kelly

A beginner's low carb guide for weight lose

Low carb: a beginner's low carb guide for weight lose


Ketogenic or keto Diet is one of the easiest and most effective diets for weight loss and a host of other health issues. With this diet, you can achieve a strong and enviable disease-free body.

The effect of this diet is simply magical! It has been proven to work over and over again and with good reason too! That reason is known as ketosis. When we are on this diet, our body stores fat as its main fuel source instead of glucose and this helps us in losing fat much quickly. 

In this book, there are delicious and healthy recipes that you will not only love to cook and eat but will make your low carb lifestyle enjoyable and stress-free. 

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Sample text:

Ensure your environment allows you to savor the dessert. For example:

Sit in a comfortable chair

Look out of the window (if you have something interesting to look at)

Sit in a quiet room


When eating, slowly savor the dessert. Pay attention to the taste of every bite. Doing this will fill you with satisfaction, lowering the motive to eat unhealthy.

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