Love Found Me by Sharon Kleve

Chloe looks into Mitch’s soulful eyes and Love Found Her.

Love found me

When it’s Chloe Miles turn to pick a name out of The Love List she didn’t expect to find true love. She just wanted to go on a date with a nice, available guy.

Not one who drank too much, or was unemployed and wanted to stay that way. Or especially one who didn’t know what monogamy means.

Mitch Brodin didn’t know his heart was in the hands of The Love List. His Fate was set the moment he set foot into Roy's Pet Rescues looking for advice on how to care for new born kittens.

Chloe is vivacious, unpredictable, and tons of fun, while he is methodical, predictable, and well… cynical. He surely hadn’t planned on falling in love. But that’s what you get when you’re not looking for love.

Chloe look into Mitch’s soulful eyes and Love Found Her.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: Contemporary Romance, Sweet Romance, Romantic

Word Count: 11000

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Sample text:

It only took two strides from Mitch's six-foot three inch frame to reach Roy. He tucked his hands in his pockets to keep from fidgeting. "Zeke delivered kittens last night," he blurted as his gaze wandered to the woman behind the counter. She smiled and returned his gaze. She was cute and confident.

"I thought you said Zeke was male," Roy said and slapped Mitch on the back.

"Well, that's what I thought. Of course, I never actually looked. You know… down there." Mitch nodded toward a cat cleaning its belly.

"I'm surprised you didn’t notice her getting larger."

"I thought it was the food I fed her. You said it was high in nutrition for outdoor cats." Mitch's frustration increased.

"How did you end up with Zeke?" the pretty gal asked.

Mitch took his hands out of his pockets and stepped closer to the counter. "A couple months ago, Zeke showed up. She dropped a mouse or bird at my feet like a gift when I arrived home from work. I'd take it and throw it for Zeke to catch and then she'd bring it back like a dog. That was fun. Then Zeke started sneaking by me and running into my house. That wasn't fun. I'd go get her and put her out but then the constant meowing started. I couldn't take the meowing. I let Zeke in one night and she never left. Because she was an excellent hunter and acted male—you know, seemed street smart—I named the cat Zeke."

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