Lighting Diagrams by James Christiansen

Stop taking bad photos and start taking great ones with these simple lighting diagrams!

Lighting diagrams

<h2>Tired of photographs that come out too dark, too light, or just not "quite right"? My lighting diagrams will help you take better photographs with optimal photography light starting today!</h2>

<b>When it comes down to it, taking great photographs, especially with today's incredible technological advances in cameras, is not that tough. One of the fundamental concepts you need to grasp is how to properly set up the photography light for a photo, and this book will show you exactly how to do it with easy-to-follow lighting diagrams</b>

<i>This book will cover lighting diagrams for:<i>
1. Baby Portraits
2. Single Subject Photos
3. Family Portraits
4. Face Portraits
5. Pet Portraits
6. Product Portraits (great for eBay or Craigslist!)
7. Silhouette Portraits
And much, much more including even more diagrams and equipment recommendations!

<h2>Stop taking bad photos and start taking great ones with these simple lighting diagrams!</h2>

Genre: ART / General

Language: English


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