Lady Mary's Dangerous Encounter by Cheryl Bolen

English diplomat must protect friend’s sister against sinister forces on their journey across Europe. . .

Lady mary's dangerous encounter

Lord Stephen Stanhope, a duke’s diplomat son who’s traveling to the Congress of Vienna, agrees to protect his friend’s wayward sister on Stephen’s journey to Austria. Lady Mary Beresford has impetuously set off on her own for Vienna. Vexed with the headstrong woman he’s yet to meet, Stephen despairs of ever catching up with the maddening lady. They eventually meet at an inn in the Alps, where the guests’ progress has been impeded by two matters: a blizzard—and Lady Mary’s refusal to leave until she’s found an elderly fellow traveler who has disappeared.


Mary’s infuriated that everyone at the inn is in a conspiracy to deny the woman ever existed and to imply Mary invented her. Just when every person at the inn is against her, the handsome Lord Stephen arrives and becomes her champion.


Stephen doesn’t tell her he’s been sent by her brother, nor does he actually believe her preposterous story. Until there’s an attempt on her life. . .

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Culinary

Language: English

Keywords: mystery, Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, Pride and Prejudice, Regency, Victorian, adventure, romance, England

Word Count: 51,000

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Amazon All Star

New York Times bestseller

USA Bestseller

Sample text:

Lady Maryann Beresford had made it a lifelong habit to never own up to her rash actions, to never admit she could possibly be wrong. Such unwarranted arrogance could likely be attributed to the fact she was the middle daughter. She believed it impossible to compete with the eldest Beresford daughter—the gorgeous, perfect Lady Sophia—nor could she compete for lovability with Harriett, the adorable youngest daughter. Therefore, Maryann had made it a practice to call attention to her flamboyant self by oozing with the confidence of One Who Knows All.

            Today, though, as she waited for the cadre of warmly bundled Swiss porters to dismantle her hired coach for the arduous journey across the Alps, she admitted to herself that her clothing was frightfully inadequate against this brutal chill.

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