Kennedy Cast Out by Greg Alldredge

An old witch, in a child's body battles the fairy creatures of modern Boston.

Kennedy cast out

Getting old sucks…

The witches of Kennedy’s coven have been thanklessly defending Boston for 327 years…

She’s never aged a day… till now.

Overnight, Kennedy went from a beautiful young woman to an old hag.

Thrust into a crazy reality, She needs to escape and save Boston, the city she swore to protect.

Even if they don’t know she is doing it, or want her help.

Magic has been released on Boston, and Kennedy knows it will get much worse before it has a chance to get better.

If you love Urban Fantasy where spell slingers fight to keep humanity safe, you’ll adore where this tale takes you.

Get Kennedy Reborn now the last of the Boston Urban Fantasy Series.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Urban Life

Language: English

Keywords: Urban Fantasy witch, wizard, warlock, druid shaman, Fantasy Fae and Witches, Strong Female protagonist, Witchcraft Adventure shape shifter, Werewolf and Succubus elf, fae, fairies, Boston Modern day angles demons nephilim, metaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritual

Word Count: 45505

Sales info:

I have over 30 books published in several SF/F sub-genres; I would like to increase my international readership. 

Sample text:

“I don’t know what you’re bitching about, at least you're still human,” Randell barked, following close on her heels. Rather than the scrawny doctoral candidate she had become friends with, he still looked like a German shepherd with an exceedingly dark silver coat.

It took a surprising amount of strength to carry her body through the streets of Boston, a strength she didn’t have. Kennedy needed to reach somewhere safe but thought of no one or nowhere in Eldric’s strange land. She had no measure of the age that took over her body. That she was still alive was certain… death could not be this painful. If the entirety of the three hundred plus years struck her at once, she would have landed behind the Green Monster a pile of bones held together in a bag of leather flesh. Not how Kennedy wanted her life to end… no matter how fitting it might be.

Out of habit, she checked her cell one more time. It was still dead, no power. She fought the urge to throw the useless weight in the next trashcan.

She tried once more to light a small flame between her fingers. The magic failed her.

The fatigue on old joints wracked her body with agony. If this was growing old, they could keep it… Defeated, she slumped, exhausted, on a bus bench tucked down a deserted side street, her pack dropped, forgotten, on the ground next to her feet. The story of her life. Out of sight, out of mind, out of touch… alone.

She failed to hide the desperation in her voice. “I don’t know how long I can go on…” Nose plugged, she needed to breathe through her mouth, making the raspy sound of her breath more pronounced. “I can’t breathe… worse, I can’t smell a thing. Something strange is in the air.”


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Translation in progress. Translated by Ricardo Christiano
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