Julia Jones - The Teenage Years: Book 11 by Katrina Kahler

The Final Outcome

Finally, the mystery of Davian is revealed, but can Emmie and Chloe outsmart him or will he gain the upper hand?

Julia jones - the teenage years: book 11

Julia Jones - The Teenage Years: Book 11 - The Final Outcome
This book ends the saga of Julia Jones, a journey that spans her middle school years and leads into her teens. 

Finally, the mystery of Davian is revealed, but can Emmie and Chloe outsmart him or will he gain the upper hand? What is in store for Julia’s brother, Matt, and his girlfriend, Lisa? And how do the young teens deal with the tragedy that takes place? 
Most importantly, will the love triangle that includes Julia, Ky, and Blake ever be resolved?

Drama, romance, and suspense combine to create another exciting story. You will have to read through to the end to discover the details. The Final Outcome is a book that all Julia Jones fans are sure to enjoy.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Bullying

Language: English

Keywords: Julia Jones, romance books for teens, bullying romance, teenage books for girls, Julia Jones The Teenage Years, books for girls age 11-15

Word Count: 25932

Sales info:

#61,775 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

#39 in Teen & Young Adult Bullying Issues Fiction eBooks
#49 in Children's Books on Bullies
#65 in Teen & Young Adult Bullying Fiction

Sample text:

The very second that I opened my eyes, I saw the beautiful snow globe I’d left on my bedside table. As I reached for it, the butterflies inside me awoke, creating a familiar frenzy that I welcomed. But it was Ky’s text on my phone that created the biggest thrill.

Hey! Thinking of u! Watcha up to this morning? I don’t start work till midday. Xx

Absorbed in my dreams, each one revolving around the wonderful boy who was now back in my life, I had been blissfully unaware of any buzzing text alerts.

My fingers flew over the keypad as I typed my response. Emmie and I had planned to visit Millie at the hospital as soon as Emmie finished work. But I had the morning free, and I couldn’t think of anything better than spending it with Ky.

Jumping out of bed, I showered in record time and quickly rifled through my cupboard, looking for something suitable to wear. Ky was on his way, so I needed to hurry. After tugging on a pale pink tank top and my favorite black shorts, I ran a brush through my hair, choosing to leave it hanging in long tendrils over my shoulders, the way Ky liked it.

At the sound of the doorbell, I took the stairs two at a time and pulled the front door open. Ky’s handsome face smiling back at me was enough to melt my heart, and when he stepped inside, the fluttering inside me went into overdrive.

“Come in!” I beamed. I took his hand and pulled him along the corridor toward the kitchen. “Have you had breakfast yet?”

“Yes!” he laughed. “About two hours ago!”

I nudged him playfully with my elbow. “I have the day off work. I’m allowed to sleep in!”

He grinned as he followed me to the kitchen where he perched himself on a stool by the countertop.

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